Training Centers Solutions

W1D.Net solutions happen to be extremely instructor friendly, and it would help to serve the student pass examinations. The practical test and the job role assessment are served up independently, and sometimes wondered, is to expand the development program. If you're interested in becoming an authorized reseller, you can contact George William via e-mail at manager@W1D.Net to discuss the best solutions.

Ordering Online, And Reporting
Each authorized reseller receives a secure login password, with which they would be able to get access to the information, instructions, along with newsletters.

  • Easy to use shopping cart for orders
  • Product instructions are extremely descriptive and can be printed or e-mailed
  • Complete record of all invoices date, time, product, etc.
  • Detailed user information
  • In-depth history of test
  • Group reporting for all assessments
  • Ongoing upgrades of products

Instructor Friendly Access
W1D.Net practice materials are full of features, and particularly instructor friendly, with the convenient tools and the best online delivery system that can help the student progress towards efficient certification.

  • Allows instructors to help in the planning of training
  • Track and demonstrate the different learning capabilities
  • Helps the instructors for on-the-job technical skills
  • Make sure the students are in the right class
  • Provides efficient study tools
  • Active and engaging content

Technical Assessments
W1D.Net technical assessments are ideal for the people that are during the interview process, and they would be able to get good enough situations.

For more information, you can contact George William via e-mail at manager@W1D.Net and you can become an authorized reseller here.