Money back guarantee is one of the best features that you would find about W1D.Net products. It can provide you with a complete security in order for your time and money to bring back the highlights of the quality of this product. If you bought any study guide from W1D.Net, you can be sure of the fact that you would be able to achieve 100% successes in any exam. The outstanding success material would be derived from the amount of study materials that has been provided to you.


In order for you to grasp on the exams of W1D.Net, you need to go through the exam. In case there is any failure, you would be able to claim back the amount of money from W1D.Net. The procedure of getting refunds is also easy; you would only have to submit your results within 30 days after the declaration of results. However, the claims submitted after a month-time will not be entertained.


W1D.Net is liable to pay full back money or 2 free exams immediately after completing the necessary procedures. There would be no deduction of any kind of money in order for you to buy the product. The professionals at W1D.Net thing that you would actually be able to spend at least 10 days in the study of the material, and if you find there is any problem with the course of the material, then it can be reported. Period less than 10 days is not sufficient for preparation for a certification exam. Therefore W1D.Net does not entertain any claim of money back if you have bought study guide lesser than 10 days.


A money back guarantee offer is available on all products from W1D.Net. In case there is any failure to produce any sort of refund after 60 days, particularly on the written test, you would find that we are not at all liable for any sort of purchase. W1D.Net is always a reliable company in the journey of exam, and using the W1D.Net products, you would always be on the safe side. You can find a source of preparation for certification exam with such facilities.  


How To Claim Guarantee?
Before you would be able to claim the guarantee, you need to be lead on the downloaded products and all the copies of the products should be destroyed.

In order for you to claim the guarantee, you must e-mail the examination score report in scanned format to orders@W1D.Net. We will arrange for the refund within a week, after receiving the e-mail, and confirming all the details. There is absolutely no risk!