Product Questions:

Purchase Questions:

Which Products W1D.Net Is Offering?
W1D.Net offers questions & answers with a variety of explanations, study guides, audio & video guides. W1D.Net offers practice questions which are highly customized, and it can provide a learning solution that would be able to fit any sort of problems.

In Which Format W1D.Net Is Offering Questions & Answers?
The format in which all of the W1D.Net is given is the Acrobat reader PDF file. It happens to be the industrial standard of dissolution of books, and you only need to download the Acrobat reader in order to view such files. You can also read the files, and there is no need of installation or any other idea that can help you to produce such questions.

Will My Products Expire? How Long Can I Access Them?
You would be able to access your product within 1 year of the purchase. There are always free updates available, and after 1 year, the access of products will be finished.

How Often Are The Exams Updated?
Our IT specialists are always evaluating the current skills that are needed for the workplace, and if there is any need, then the exams and the files would be updated, according to current exam criteria. The new versions will be available for download in the member’s area of the W1D.Net.

What About The Policy Of Updating Exams, And How Can You Get The Updates?
We always offer the customers free updates for 1 year. Whenever there is any examination, you have to contact the support team to verify if there are any updates that are required for current exam.

Can I Try The Exams Before I Buy Them?
Yes, you can try the product and you would have to go to the W1D.Net demo page in order to view the exam samples that you want to download and see.

What If I Want To Try Out The Different W1D.Net Exam Than The Demo Page?
You have to contact the support team, by dropping them an e-mail at support@W1D.Net and make a request for the exam demo and we shall create a special one for you.

Is W1d.Net Offering High Quality Exams?
We always provide high-quality exams that are always in tune for up to 99% of the IT certification exams and a certain level of quantity is always guaranteed to secure passing score.

How Should You Measure The Quality Of W1D.Net Exams?
Our IT specialists always has helped to ensure that they would be able to answer all the questions that would be provided by the study labs and stop all the answers would be verified by the certified professionals, which would be able to request continuous feedback.

What Should I Do If The Answer Is Wrong?
If you require specific feedback or clarification in specific question, then you can send us questions to support@W1D.Net. Always include exam code, questions and page number and user email id or order number.

We always respond to e-mails within a span of 24 hours, and in most cases, it is 12 hours.

How Should I Pay For The W1D.Net Products?
Most of the customers actually pay with a credit card, but we also have facilities that can help you to choose between the PayPal, Moneybookers, Debit Cards, Wire Transfer, Local Bank Transfer, Mail / Check / Money Order, Phone and Fax. In certain cases, you can also use Western Union. If you face any problems, you can definitely contact sales@W1D.Net regarding the different payment options.

Which Credit Cards Do You Accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Carte Bleue and Discover JCB.

Will The Credit Card Information Be Secure On W1D.Net?
The credit card information on W1D.Net is only stored for finite amount of transactions that are made is the e-mail address, that contains the site passwords would need to login. The credit card and other sensitive information is always processed by the credit card processor, which is a third-party online security agency, it is never available to us.

I Do Not Like To Buy Products Online, How Secure Is Your W1D.Net?
There are a lot of concerns that are regarding the security of customer information. We have actually using a trusted third party vendor, which is our credit card retailer. W1D.Net website pages are always secured by leading security agencies, which has been accessed by thousands of clients. Your credit card information which you have used while purchasing an exam will never be stored and neither do we have any direct information concerning this purchase. Your purchase as well as your identity is very well secure with us.

Does W1D.Net Share Any Information To 3rd Parties?
We at W1D.Net always believe in the secrecy of clients, and that is the reason we have never sold any information to 3rd party sources. If you are intended, we will definitely send out occasional promotional e-mail newsletters using our sources.

How To Make Online Purchases?
In case you're interested in making an online purchase from W1D.Net, then you can select the appropriate exams and add them to a shopping cart. And click the “Checkout” button, and you would be directed to secure webpage that would be able to input on the credit card details.

If you are a first-time customer at W1D.Net, then definitely you are not a registered user. You need to take the initiative of creating an account and after the success of purchase, we shall email you exam file within 8 to 12 hours.

If you require more detailed instructions, then you can drop an e-mail at sales@W1D.Net

I Have Made Online Purchase, Where Are My Exams?
Just send an email at sales@W1D.Net to check the status of availability of your exams, and you would get it within 8-12 hours.

Do I Receive A Receipt For The Order?
Receipt of your order will be available in your member’s area after successfully processing payment. You will also receive a confirmation email regarding the purchase of the exam, and it would serve as a receipt of the purchase of the exam.

Should I Keep The Receipt?
You must always keep your receipt in case there is any conflict between the purchases you have made an item that you have not received. Many of our customers actually use the receipts in order to confirm the buying of educational products, and they are actually compensated by their respective workplaces.

How Do I Access The Products After I Purchase?
The sales department would take some time to process the order. In order to get the e-mail within 10 hours of the successful payment, you need to contact the sales team at sales@W1D.Net, if you did not receive the product after 12 hours.

How To Return The Products I Have Purchased?
All the products are delivered digitally to the membership account; there are no physical items to return.

How To Ask For A Refund?
If you need to contact us for a refund, you need to e-mail at Orders@W1D.Net. We may ask for additional testing information.

How To Cancel The Purchase?
If you want to cancel a purchase, you can contact us directly at sales@W1D.Net. You have to include as much information as you want, including the details of the purchase along with the total invoice amount and e-mail address associated with the product.

How Long Does It Take To Respond My E-Mail?
The different time zones and the amount of grass that we're in, all the e-mails would be received an answer within a span of 24 hours. In most cases, it takes only about 12 hours to reply.