Corporate Solutions

Corporate Training Solutions
W1D.Net happens to be an industry leader in providing corporate training solutions for technical IT training programs.  We at W1D.Net are always on the lookout for providing challenges as opportunities. In today's economy, we provide their employees with the required amount of training that they need, which can be an ongoing challenge. The less employees and your need for you to maintain the live performance, we have the answer to all the facts. Trained employees are extremely satisfied employees, as they feel part of the team in which the company is committed to providing an avenue for their personal development, as well as to answer to the organization. Find Out More

Academic Training Solutions
W1D.Net happens to be the leaders in providing blended as well as mentoring method of learning. We have always worked with commercial training centers and colleges and universities, along with technical schools.
About training solutions can provide the necessary amount of challenges and more information about technology. The training solutions can be delivered through your Internet facility. Our role is always in providing good solutions that can make more effective environment. Find Out More

Government Training Solutions
At W1D.Net, we are always at war with the local, federal government agencies in order to provide the highest distance learning solutions to the military. We have always understood the pressure of making headline challenges, and you always comply with the standard and the control costs at the same time.
W1D.Net combines the learning methods that have already been proven with the latest technology in order to ensure that you have the required amount of tools in your hand that is needed to succeed. Find Out More

Partnership Opportunities
Our reseller and the preferred strategic Partner program can provide you with cost-effective solutions without any heavy inventory requirements.
Our reseller program is available for network integration, with hardware and software resellers and distributors, Internet-based training companies, classroom training providers, consultants and LMS content providers. If you happen to partner with W1D.Net , you can have a very successful business in which there isn't a huge amount of investment, but we have been able to help a lot of people to stand up on their own feet. Hence, you can join the reseller team and get a lot of success. Find Out More

Training Centers Solutions
W1D.Net has solutions that are instructor friendly, and it can help serve your student pass examination without any problems. Our complete line of desktop and technical practice test can certainly help you to solve a independent or bundle the courseware with some other programs. Find Out More