About Us

Since the year of 2006, W1D.Net has become the leader in developing the panic learning training exercises and preparation programs; it has actually been gearing towards creating the most popular information technological training and certification activities. Most of the courses combine award-winning instructions, that has been developing and bringing about on demand techniques, practical activities, and training solutions along with exam simulations, that would be used to master the expectation of the customer . We have on offer, high-quality training materials that are perfectly suited towards creating cost-effective technological based solutions and learning. All the courses are delivered throughout our website, and through the existing LMS or any of the popular server-based solutions. The delivery methods are suited towards the use of the consumer.


The Original IT Test Prep Products
W1D.net happens to be the trusted provider of solutions that have actually been helping IT professionals towards creating a very challenging environment for themselves in terms of getting industrial certification. From getting leading exam simulations to creating cells resource online courses, the practical preparation products that we provide have been known to helping yourself, in order to gain a better job, and more respect in the technology field. There is no amount of travel required, and you can enjoy affordable, along with high-quality study materials from the safety of your own computer.


With the help of W1D.net product line, creating cutting-edge technologies that would be including Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, Lotus, as well as a lot of other companies has been our Endeavour, and the offer were hundred and 20 vendor authorized certification practice exams with over 450,000 questions.


IT and Business Training
The core training is always focused on Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, as well as the business process improvement and development of leadership. The IT courses are always involving networking, operating systems, programming, telephony, and security. The business skills featured project management, people management, and business analysis. We have more than 3300 courses, which features foundation, along with specialist training.


Throughout the historical advances of our company, we have been able to develop strategic partnerships with organizations that have extremely high security certifications in the Internet industry. We have worked with thousands of individuals and corporations, in order to create a databank, so that we can create well enough databases that would be able to help us stay ahead of the competition.


In addition to the popular courses, we have also customized the curriculum development agencies. If there is a new, higher oriented program, or a product tutorial, or the conversion from industrial mode to the electronic learning more, our qualified team has been able to create a curriculum, that would be available towards your vision, and it would be designed especially for you!


W1D.net is the latest program that incorporates the latest learning methods with which a person would actually be able to bring about a lot of change, and also ensures that our clients would have the necessary amount of tools with which they would be able to succeed.


We look forward to ensuring that you keep working with you, and setting the standards for keeping all sorts of training and certification needs.